The Xenotech Nexus is a phenomenon first discovered by Xanjin emperor Nevuchavazin. It is allegedly capable of "re-writing reality" in ways beyond human comprehension. It was historically used as a fortress by the Roman, Hydronian, Xanjin, and Persian forces to fight off barbarians, and in 1912, when Hydronia came under Greek control, the Roman Empire, Xanjin Technologist Imperium, Sons of Darius Traditionalist Militia, and New Greek Empire agreed the Nexus wouldn't be controlled by either faction.

It is currently seen as a holy site by a large amount of the citizens of Rome, Greece, Sassanid Persia, The Sons of Darius Traditionalist Militia, and the Xanjin technologist Imperium. In 2007, The Greco-Indian-Inuit Alliance used the Nexus as leverage to convince the Quadruple Alliance to return various areas the Rome had annexed from them. However, Rome and the Darius Militia attacked Greece and captured the Nexus, eventually having the XTI construct the Machina Morte Suprema there.

The Greeks discovered the aforementioned superweapon upon raiding a supply convoy, and attempted to use the Helepolis to siege the nexus.

However, before the Machina Morte Suprema could be used any further, it was destroyed by the Quadruple Alliance Peacekeeper Corps.

After the Nexus Crisis concluded, all involved nations signed the Nexus Agreement, agreeing not to involve the Nexus in any further conflict.

The following is a compilation of extracts from various sources, by various institutions, concerning the Nexus.

Source 1Edit

Throughout human history mystics and charlatans have claimed the existance of other planes of reality, often with little or no evidence or scientific reasoning behind these claims, and we soon learned to laugh at them. In this modern age of reason, however, we may be forced to swallow a truth that we have taught ourselves to spit out for centuries.
Thousands of years of human progress have led to the everyday person being able to do things that could only be explained by magic by our ancestors. What could another few thousand years of progress behold?
There are things on this world most sacred to us, and rightly so. Designs that do not appear anywhere else in human culture and can only be explained by a non-human origin; whether these origins are extra-terrestrial, beyond our plane of existance, or both, can only be assumed.

— The Narrowness of Perception; Tanzim of Rhoss; 2002CE

Above is the dubious preface to the short book The Narrowness of Perception by Tanzim of Rhoss. Great debate has surrounded this curious preface, with some saying he was simply theorising what could lie beyond human perception, while others claim he was referring directly to the Nexus.

Source 2Edit

It is more likely, however, that the sicknesses are in fact radiation poisoning related to the intense blue glow emitted by the Nexus; where such a constant and intense supply of energy comes from I cannot ascertain.

— Medical Report; Dr. Sirius Hauser; 1986CE

Throughout history it had been said that visitors to the Nexus would be punished by sickness if they overstayed their welcome. In 1986 Doctor Sirius Hauser was called in for medical examinations and a safety check, identifying the sickness as being similar to radiation poisoning. Aware of how sacred such a pilgrimage site was, Hauser simply advised that visitors should spend no more than a few minutes in the vicinity of the Nexus.

Source 3Edit

My dear friend Orselius,
At great cost I managed to obtain a sample. Under the most powerful microscope I could obtain at the time I viewed something that has changed my perspective of this Nexus and the rest of the world - tiny machines! Nanorobots! They were needle-like and highly susceptible to electric and magnetic fields; although I could not determine exactly how they did it, it is only logical to assume that they are responsible for the alleged 'miracles' reported from the Nexus - resurrection, mutation, organic objects turning into metal - via the rearrangement of atomic structures. I was still curious, however, as to a report that the Nexus turned a dead rabbit into solid iron when there is not enough iron available in the whole area! There is obviously not just atomic, but subatomic, manipulation involved that cannot be explained away even by the advanced science of nanorobotics.
Funding and supplies are running low but I must explore further! I will send you another letter soon.

— A letter by Tiberius Lin Xi to a certain 'Orselius'

Tiberius Lin Xi was a freelance scientist who was not respected in the scientific community. Often scorned for his sweeping claims, it did not help that he was the bastard of a Chinese man and a Roman woman (the father was murdered soon after Lin Xi's birth, leaving him to be brought up in Rome). It is not known who the 'Orselius' he referrs to is as there was no second name provided; it is also unknown how copies of the letter turned up in both Xanjin and Persian intelligence documents. No other letter is known to have been sent and Tiberius Lin Xi is presumed dead as he never returned from his expedition to the Nexus.

Source 4Edit

Your data was valuable indeed. From the significant deflection angle of the laser the curvature of space-time is easily calculable, with the startling conclusion that it is caused by a microscopic black hole massing nearly six-hundred-million metric tonnes! This does, however, explain the transmutation of elements within the Nexus, as well as radiation emissions via matter-to-energy-conversion, which I calculate to be on the order of somewhere over a billion watts.

— Secret meeting; Tanzim of Rhoss; 2008

This quote is allegedly from a secret meeting between Tanzim of Rhoss and an unknown consultant and was provided by a freelance journalist. They seem to be referring to an effect that can be seen when shining a laser pointer into the centre of the Nexus, in which the light from the pointer is bent away from its expected path; this happens whatever angle the pointer is shined in from, meaning it cannot be due to optical tools such as lenses and prisms.

Source 5Edit

Nature of multiverse transfer indicates Shinkai-type system. Omnipresent nature alludes to Leshan-type system. Quantum-computational properties of nanites could mean relation to Miller-type system. Combination of systems? Will examine further.

— Note; Unknown; 1833

This is a small note found wedged into a crack in one of the walls surrounding the Nexus in 1833. Its origins and much of the vocabulary used is the subject of far-fetched theories even today. People are increasingly believing that the note is simply a hoax or the scribblings of a madman who spent too long exposed to the radiation in the Nexus.

Source 6Edit

He would walk right up to the burning bush, and without him saying a word the bush would expand into a metallic sphere aound him. Then the sphere would collapse, and God would take him to any place, even any time, that he so desired.

— Ancient Account; Unknown; 1369 BCE

The date, as well as references to God and a burning bush, makes some people believe that the account was of Moses at about 22 years old. This account is not recognised by the Roman Catholic Church.

Source 7Edit

I propose that the Nexus creates a Descartes vacuum around itself, completely separating itself from the rest of the universe; if it is able to maintain such a vacuum - I am under no illusion that it cannot - then the Nexus can exist beyond our universe, or rather, from a quantum physical point of view, can exist at all points in the universe at once.

— The Truth Behind the Nexus; Helen Mozart; 1999

The Truth behind the Nexus was at one time a best-selling book by renowned conspiracy theorist and ancient astronaut theorist Helen Mozart. The book's popularity quickly waned under a barrage of bad reviews.


Because of it's properties, the Nexus does not always maintain a fixed position in it's current position in Shanjiro (RealLife 00: Sinai) peninsula. Generally, it resides at a distance of fifteen kilometres from the Xanjin city of Shaknet. It appears in and around the large Calii'Nhetjir Cave System, often in the middle of an alter, where it can be accessed by authorized personnel.

Rarely, it can spawn in various different locations around the globe and has made appearances throughout recorded history in areas of spiritual or historical importance. In 1345, a small fragment of the Nexus was found in a corridor of the Grand Coliseum in Rome. Later, in 1876, it appeared in full form above the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, prompting a suspense in air travel.

The oldest known instance of the Nexus appearing outside of the caves was in 13ADE when it appeared directly above the Great Pyramids of Giratza in Hydronia (RL00: Giza, Egypt), during a rebellion in which slaves overthrew tyrant king Jannu III, laying the foundations for the Hydronian Golden age.

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